The Rainbow Glitter Hair Roots !

Those who color their hair know it can be tiresome having to re-touch their roots every month. But now , the latest trend in the hair world is covering the hair roots with Rainbow glitter ! Rainbow glitter roots are taking the world by storm – the new fad seeing women creatively paint and conceal their roots with sparkles and star-shaped glitter.

How to do it : Simply apply some gel on your hair roots , then generously put glitter on them using fingers or small brush !

Would you do it ? I wouldn’t try it now in this age , but may be if I were younger ,I would wear rainbow glitter hair roots proudly ! lol 🙂

14 thoughts on “The Rainbow Glitter Hair Roots !

  1. Reblogged this on My Style and commented:
    I would do this at my age, but for fun. Why not. Doing new things to your hair can be fun. That is why we have hair colouring and sparkles to lighten things up. Keep smiling and enjoy your afternoon.

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      1. but thinking of it, it’ll be a nice Halloween scare trick.. “shiny glittery hair with luminous paint on yo face..” then you stand in a dark corner and scare kids all through the night. Hehe 😈 #jussayin

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