Ipsy GenBeauty NYC 2015 -4-

This is part 4 of our awesome experience at GenBeauty NYC 2015. To read the previous parts , go here .

After visiting Jouer Cosmetics booth , we went to Gallany Cosmetics booth . It was one of the small booths and it wasn’t crowded. There were maybe five ladies in front of us .The girls at the booth were so friendly and gave us mascaras in a fancy bag .We also received Gallany lip glosses in our swag bags.

While we were waiting in the line , we saw few ladies carrying blue bags with Morroconoil on them. After we were done from Gallany booth , we headed to the Morrocanoil booth , but the lady there told us that they run out completely of samples and bags. And now they either offer a hair service or hand massage ! It was only like 12:00 pm , after just one hour of the opening . This made us sad ! But we got Morrocanoil handcream Full size in our swag bag ! 

 So we left with broken hearts and visited Mally !

Mally , the founder of Mally Beauty , was there and she was so vivid ,funny and full of life . She was hugging and greeting every one of us! I got touch ups on my eyes and brows at Mally booth, and we got eye liners as a freebie. We also got Mally lip glosses in our swag bags ! ( the lip gloss is simply amazing )

Then we visited Essence booth . They didn’t have any freebies to give , but they had a nice offer .They were selling mystery boxes full of 5 essence products for 10$! That was a good offer and a lot of girls were purchasing the boxes! We got the Essence mascaras in the swag bag . A few ladies got manicure as well at Essence booth ! 

Then we went to NYX cosmetics booth .It was an awesome booth with very nice decorations ! But the lady there was asking us whether we want a service or just redeem the freebie.  Some girls said they want only the freebie with no touchups , so they handed them a NYX mirror! For a reason , we stayed , and got lip coloring and face contouring , the lady gave us a NYX glow stick and NYX lipgloss with my color of choice ! Then I read on a small paper that if you play a little game , you will get a full sized eyeliner ! No body told the other girls about that.. I felt it is unfair because some girls got only a mirror !

 After NYX , we went to Marc Anthony hair products booth , in which the line was moving very fast. They devided us into two lines , one for those ladies who want to do their hair and one for those who only want to redeem their freebie . At the counter , the girls were super nice and friendly and they gave us two bags full of Marc Anthony hair products !

_Then we moved to Klorane booth who were also offering hair services , with no freebie at all . But the lady there gave us two tiny samples of Klorane shampoo ! It was okay as we got Klorane products in our swag bags.

_After that, we moved to SkinInc Booth  . The line there was moving SUPERRRR slow ! It took us like one hour. This is because they were explaining for every four ladies how their products work in details. It took them almost 8 minutes each round to just finish the unnecessary illustration! Maybe because i know a lot about skin care and how skin products work, I didn’t learn anything new. After the lady finished her mini lecture , we took a survey to determine what serum exactly we should use based on our skin need . SkinInc Supplement Bar is the first personalized serum company.They assess your skin identity and customize the most effective solution to address your unique skin needs. In the survey , I got dehydrated skin . This was an expecting result. By the way, the survey was very accurate and the questions were neatly designed and strongly based on science . ( So thumbs Up SkinInc ) then , they gave us few samples and we filled our tubes with candy ! They were tasty . And it was a nice addition and a needed snack in the middle of the day .


_At the formula X booth , i was already very tired and hungry . So we didn’t get a nail coloring service , and i regreted that later . but they gave us mini formula X nail polish bottle.We also got a full size nail polish bottle in one of our swag bags!


_Tristique was just offering a makeup service at their booth , and lots of girls were enjoying that . And we received a Trestique eye shadow crayon in the swag bag !


_At Jesse’s girl booth , they were selling stuff , so Maro bought Jesse’s girl liquid eyeliner which was cheaper by $2 at Genbeauty than regular price , and they gave us a cute mesh bag with Jesse’s nail polishes , eye shadows and lip glosses !


_CoverFx booth were promoting for their new products drop thingy and while they weren’t offering any freebie , they had an instagram contest and chose five winners at the end of the day ! The winners got a full sized Cover Fx drop . Other attendants got a cover Fx primer sample in the swag bag .


Hope you enjoyed this post, till the next post, 

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