The Rainbow Glitter Hair Roots !

Those who color their hair know it can be tiresome having to re-touch their roots every month. But now , the latest trend in the hair world is covering the hair roots with Rainbow glitter ! Rainbow glitter roots are taking the world by storm – the new fad seeing women creatively paint and conceal their roots with sparkles and star-shaped glitter.

How to do it : Simply apply some gel on your hair roots , then generously put glitter on them using fingers or small brush !

Would you do it ? I wouldn’t try it now in this age , but may be if I were younger ,I would wear rainbow glitter hair roots proudly ! lol 🙂


Using Herbs in Hair Care

Natural hair care products remain the best to use for getting healthy , shiny hair .

Here is a group of herbs which help you in many ways to achieve an awesome hair in a simple way with little cost and no time.

  • Mint : Helps growth of healthy hair . It is also refreshening !
  • Chamomile : makes hair smoother , relaxes the scalp and can be used as conditioner .
  • Lavender : Helps in hair growth and gives nutrients to the hair follicles .
  • Honey as a hair conditioner :helps to get rid of itchy scalp and dandruff
  • Parsley : Gives nutrients to Hair and increases its luster.

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How to use the Herbs :

After you choose the desired herb , put it in a cup of water and add boiling water to it .Cover the cup for 10-20 min , Take the water only and leave the herb . let the water cool a little bit , then put it on your clean hair . DONOT RINSE .

The Mermicorn Hair

Mermicorn hair is the newest hair coloring technique that gives amazing results to the hair making it no less stunning than the Disney Princesses hair !

 Fluid Hair Painting (aka the creation of mermaid hair) is now a thing, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It involves, quite literally, painting sections of hair by hand to create a soft, gradient effect that can be achieved using any combination of colors.

Method : the client does not sit up (as in traditional balayage), they sit reclined in a chair with their head resting on the edge of a color table and they get their hair fanned out, this gives me the colorist the ability to thoroughly look over every strand to see how the color melts from top to bottom. Plus, no matter how the client parts their hair ,they will get a tailored, multidimensional color because the colorist can visually see how everything will collapse together. 

Are you excited for this new hair coloring method ?! I like it a lot . It seems promising and the outcome possibilities are endless ! 

Until next time ,

With love , Sofy 💕💕

My new hair straightener

Yesterday , I have got a new Troumaline Professional Hair Straightener from Ginalli Milano . 

It was a deal . I paid only the shipping ($30) . I have used this straightener once on my hair, and it was good . It made my hair so soft . Of course , I need to try it more than once till I give it the final thoughts , but for the price , everything is excellent till now ! 

On amazon and ebay , it is cheaper than on their site , but still a good deal ! 

I will post the deal if they do the promotion again !