GenBeauty NY 2016


ladies , genbeauty is coming to NYC in September 17-18 ! The location is Brooklyn.. For more info  , head to their website : website to purchase the tickets as soon as possible. I expect the tickets to be sold out within hours !

See you there guys !!



Genbeauty Canada 2016 tickets sale is live ! 

It is there guys ! Head to for more details , and act fast if you are interested to attend genbeauty Toronto 2016  ! 

So jealous !! 


Ipsy genbeauty Canada 2016

Ipsy have annouced on their social media platforms -twitter & Facebook , that the next genbeauty will be in Canada for the first time. All the news and the events details will be on their facebook tomorrow on feb 16th .
Rumors here and there said that the most possible city is Toronto. We ll wait & see. 

If you are interested in going , make sure to purchase your tickets asap with no delays because I expect the tickets to be sold out within an hour . 


Genbeauty LA 2016

Today , genbeauty revealed on their website the first few brands that will attend the generation beauty LA 2016 which will be held on Jan 30_31 . 

The brands are :

  • Makeup Forever
  • Too faced
  • Crown brushes
  • Derma|e
  • Laneige
  • Luxie Lush 
  • Pür
  • Essence
  • Gallany
  • Jouer
  • Nume
  • Pacifica
  • Pixi
  • Purliss
  • And many many to come .. 

Ugggh I am so jealous I cant go . This event is one of the best in USA . I am jealous also because too faced , purliss and laneige are going to be there and they didn’t come to genbeauty NYC . 

To read more about my experiences with the other brands attending the LA genbeauty and to know better about the whole event in general, read the previous posts under the ipsy genbeauty in the menu ! 

With love , Sofy 💕💕

I won ! I won ! 

  Last week I won my first wordpress prize from Abitofeverythang . The prize was two nail polishes from GLH packed in a cute ipsy bag ! 

Today , I got them in my mail . The package also contained a yummy surprise besides my prize. She added home made cookies from Annie Mae’s bakery . That was so kind of her . The cookies are so fresh and yummy made by professional baker . They even have nail polish theme ! How cute is that 🙂 

 The colors of the GLH nail lacquers are amazing . I will wear one of them for thanksgiving dinner ! 

Thank you Abitofeverythang  & Annie Mae’s cheesecake ! You are the best 💕💕

It cosmetics Brush set

Finally they are here ! Today , I got my It cosmetics brush set I purchased through ipsy. Ipsy had a deal last week on it cosmetics buki brush set for 20$ with free shipping . I think this deal was awesome .

The set arrived in a silver glittery box , lined with silver cloth ( how fancy ). It is wrapped with metallic ribbon and a cute pink note .


Inside the box , there was the brush set. 4 pieces in total .


The Brushes include:

  • Buki Buffing Brush (foundation application)
  • Buki Radiance Brush (blush and highlighter application)
  • Buki Powder Ball Brush (powder application)
  • Buki Complexion Perfection Brush (full-coverage application)

The brush has ultra-luxe and ultra-plush bristles so it’s ultra-soft on your skin. Each brush has a distinctive shape and a specific purpose. Each brush has it cosmetics engraved on the handle .

The handle is short making the brush set perfect for travelling ! But the size of the head is the same as regular brushes.

I really love this brush set . It will be a nice addition to my brushes collection.

Until next time ,

Sofy 💕💕

Ipsy GenBeauty NYC 2015 -4-

This is part 4 of our awesome experience at GenBeauty NYC 2015. To read the previous parts , go here .

After visiting Jouer Cosmetics booth , we went to Gallany Cosmetics booth . It was one of the small booths and it wasn’t crowded. There were maybe five ladies in front of us .The girls at the booth were so friendly and gave us mascaras in a fancy bag .We also received Gallany lip glosses in our swag bags.

While we were waiting in the line , we saw few ladies carrying blue bags with Morroconoil on them. After we were done from Gallany booth , we headed to the Morrocanoil booth , but the lady there told us that they run out completely of samples and bags. And now they either offer a hair service or hand massage ! It was only like 12:00 pm , after just one hour of the opening . This made us sad ! But we got Morrocanoil handcream Full size in our swag bag ! 

 So we left with broken hearts and visited Mally !

Mally , the founder of Mally Beauty , was there and she was so vivid ,funny and full of life . She was hugging and greeting every one of us! I got touch ups on my eyes and brows at Mally booth, and we got eye liners as a freebie. We also got Mally lip glosses in our swag bags ! ( the lip gloss is simply amazing )

Then we visited Essence booth . They didn’t have any freebies to give , but they had a nice offer .They were selling mystery boxes full of 5 essence products for 10$! That was a good offer and a lot of girls were purchasing the boxes! We got the Essence mascaras in the swag bag . A few ladies got manicure as well at Essence booth ! 

Then we went to NYX cosmetics booth .It was an awesome booth with very nice decorations ! But the lady there was asking us whether we want a service or just redeem the freebie.  Some girls said they want only the freebie with no touchups , so they handed them a NYX mirror! For a reason , we stayed , and got lip coloring and face contouring , the lady gave us a NYX glow stick and NYX lipgloss with my color of choice ! Then I read on a small paper that if you play a little game , you will get a full sized eyeliner ! No body told the other girls about that.. I felt it is unfair because some girls got only a mirror !

 After NYX , we went to Marc Anthony hair products booth , in which the line was moving very fast. They devided us into two lines , one for those ladies who want to do their hair and one for those who only want to redeem their freebie . At the counter , the girls were super nice and friendly and they gave us two bags full of Marc Anthony hair products !

_Then we moved to Klorane booth who were also offering hair services , with no freebie at all . But the lady there gave us two tiny samples of Klorane shampoo ! It was okay as we got Klorane products in our swag bags.

_After that, we moved to SkinInc Booth  . The line there was moving SUPERRRR slow ! It took us like one hour. This is because they were explaining for every four ladies how their products work in details. It took them almost 8 minutes each round to just finish the unnecessary illustration! Maybe because i know a lot about skin care and how skin products work, I didn’t learn anything new. After the lady finished her mini lecture , we took a survey to determine what serum exactly we should use based on our skin need . SkinInc Supplement Bar is the first personalized serum company.They assess your skin identity and customize the most effective solution to address your unique skin needs. In the survey , I got dehydrated skin . This was an expecting result. By the way, the survey was very accurate and the questions were neatly designed and strongly based on science . ( So thumbs Up SkinInc ) then , they gave us few samples and we filled our tubes with candy ! They were tasty . And it was a nice addition and a needed snack in the middle of the day .


_At the formula X booth , i was already very tired and hungry . So we didn’t get a nail coloring service , and i regreted that later . but they gave us mini formula X nail polish bottle.We also got a full size nail polish bottle in one of our swag bags!


_Tristique was just offering a makeup service at their booth , and lots of girls were enjoying that . And we received a Trestique eye shadow crayon in the swag bag !


_At Jesse’s girl booth , they were selling stuff , so Maro bought Jesse’s girl liquid eyeliner which was cheaper by $2 at Genbeauty than regular price , and they gave us a cute mesh bag with Jesse’s nail polishes , eye shadows and lip glosses !


_CoverFx booth were promoting for their new products drop thingy and while they weren’t offering any freebie , they had an instagram contest and chose five winners at the end of the day ! The winners got a full sized Cover Fx drop . Other attendants got a cover Fx primer sample in the swag bag .


Hope you enjoyed this post, till the next post, 

Stay tuned 💕💕

Generation beauty by Ipsy -3- Experience and Reviews !

To read previous parts , go here n here !


Today we will continue to share with you the best moments in the great event we have attended couple weeks ago , the genbeauty by ipsy and its founder Michelle Phan.

As the clock hit 11 am , the pink curtains opened and the whole crowd entered to the heaven !


From inside it was very huge ! Bigger than what I expected ! The booths were very cute and have too much artistic touches!


The first booths at the entrance were  benefit and it cosmetics , but we decided to start from the back .

First , we went to the makeup forever booth , can you believe the line was already closed ? Because there were many girls before us , they closed the line ! But we waited like 10 min. until they reopened it . At the MUF booth , we waited like 20 min , the makeup artists were matching every attendee with the suitable shade of foundation  ! They were trying their new foundation Ultra HD ! When it was our turn , the makeup artist asked me about my skin concerns and she answered all my questions ! The artists were very professional for real and friendly ! They were smiling and joking with us  and the atmosphere was great.

I have always thought that my skin tone is the same as Maro’s , but it turned that I am one shade lighter ! The Makeup Forever Ultra HD new foundation is available in 40 shades !

After we were matched with foundation , there were few fun missions to get the freebie ! We had to take a selfie and post it on instagram with hashtag , then you go and get your full-sized bottle and a sample of their primers ,according to your skin concerns, with a cute makeup bag !

On the show case , they had M&Ms with MUF on them ! So cute .

They also had  personalized engravings on the bottle ! How cool is that ? But to get this , you should do a video testimonial about MUF ! It was so fun ! MUF is one of my favorite brands ! So we left our bottles at the engraving corner , and headed to our next booth !they also gave us temporary tattoos ..




  • We have got the sample of MUF mascara in the saturday swag bag !

Our second station was tarte ! The line was moving very smoothly . While we were waiting , a volunteer came and handed us a sheet for stuff they were selling and the prices ! They were so cheap ! A lot of people were buying ! But for us , just 3 weeks before genbeauty , we purchased a lot of products from , and we really weren’t in need for anything !

So we handed our tarte squares to the representative , and she gave each one of us a full size loose powder !

IMG_3266 IMG_3267 IMG_3268


  • Maro received the Tarte Tan lotion in her swag bag, and I have received another loose powder.

Third stop was at the Jouer booth ! There were like 10 people in front of us. The girls were so friendly and cute . When Maro told them that Jouer is her favorite brand ever , they were so happy n welcomed us ! They explained to us about the new products released , and they gave us a very generous bag of jouer items !

There were eye pencil , long wear eye brightening primer , jewelry ,a foldable lash curler ( so cute )  and lip stick all wrapped in a small pink mesh bag ! Very chic ! They also gave us mini lip glosses !


 The founder of jouer ,Christina Zilber , was there too ! She is a gorgeous down to earth woman ! She advised me about the lip color suitable for skin tone . I advice u to follow her on snapchat and IG ( username: czjouer )  !

On sunday , we came back to meet Deepicam ( a beauty blogger and youtuber ) at Jouer booth !

I love those ladies 😍😍 

And thats it for today ! 

Maro will do the review for the above makeup products ( as she knows better than me , lol ) Until next time ,

Stay tuned 💕💕


Ipsy Genbeauty NYC 2015 Day 1 

In this post , I am going to explain to you more about the registration process and give you few tips to make the best and the most of your genbeauty experience !

First the tickets to the event were available to purchase online since late April. The tickets were priced 50$ each at the pioneer rate , ( that is if you buy your ticket from April to June ) . Then the price will increase to 100$ , the early bird rate in the period between June and September. And the regular ticket price was 150$ from september till october 3rd. This year the tickets were completely sold out in july I believe . How crazy is that ?!

Any ticket of these will be good for both days and any ticket holder will be able to grab an amazing goodie bag on both days !

I recommend you to purchase your tickets as early as possible so you don’t end without a ticket !
So back to us , as soon as the tickets were available online , I purchased two through eventbrite.

They will send you the ticket in your email in a PDF form and you should print it and bring it to the desk of registration on the day of the event with a sort of ID.

In Oct. 3rd in the morning , we took the subway to Manhattan and walked around 12 min. to reach pier 92 , the place of the event ! It was so easy to reach.

Although the weather was crazy on Saturday , and Hurricane Joaquin was supposed to visit NYC ( and it didn’t thankfully ) but I was so excited for Genbeauty .
We arrived at 9:30 , and it was already crowded with thousands of beauty enthusiasts and Ipsy lovers ! It was amazing to be in the same place with all those lovely ladies who share the same interests and passion like you !

The attendants were of different backgrounds , cultures , ages , young , old , teenagers but they all have one thing in common , passion about real beauty !

At the front desk , the registration process went very smooth ! There were like 6 people who were working hard to make the wait minimal for the eager ladies !

The lady took our tickets , scanned them and she handed each one of us , a tag and a permanent small marker to write down our names , and a foldable map for the event !

For the tags , there were different colors : pink for Ipsy subscribers ( the majority of the attendants ) , tan for beauty creators and black for exhibitors ( the brand representative ) . I believe there was another color for the volunteers.

My sister and I got the pink tag 🙂

*this photo is adapted from google images , because we visited all the booths and we have no squares left on our maps 🙂 we forgot to take a pic in the morning .

The map has the booths places on it , so we had plans ahead before we go inside the place. And we fought as usual which place to visit first ! I was excited to visit Makeup Forever and Maro wanted to visit Jouer !

On the sides of the map , there are small squares each with a brand name on it , you have to cut the square and give it to the representative at the booth so you get your freebies !

We waited in the line for 1 hour till it became 11 , when the doors opened .

In the waiting area , there was Ipsy shop where you can purchase Ipsy mugs , tumblers , shirts , phone covers .. All with ipsy logo on them .

I wish they had a genbeauty snow globe because I am collecting snow globes ( hint hint Ipsy for next year )

Also they were giving us makeup bags ! You choose and customize your bag . There were two designs , one designed by Michelle phan and the other is designed by Chrisspy !

Honestly , the bag designed by Chrisspy was more popular . But my sister and I got both bags anyways.


Maro got a grey bag with Chrisspy design , and I got a tan bag with Michelle Phan design on it !

In the waiting area , there were awesome couches with so cute pillows ! The ladies were taking pictures

Here is Maro taking pictures 🙂

There were also a wall of fame and a cute cupcake !


There was also graffiti wall and the ladies were expressing themselves ! 


And there was a huge screen that was synched with the hashtag #genbeauty ! Pictures and happy moments were broadcasted minute by minute


The doors opened at 11 , and we entered the heaven of ipsy !

Helpful Tips for #Genbeauty :
I will give you few tips how to survive genbeauty :

  • Purchase your tickets early at low price , so you save money and you guarantee a place before the tickets are sold out !
  • Read others experiences and watch videos so you get an idea what is going on.
  • Wear comfortable sandals ,or  flat , never wear heals ! You ll be standing all day long
  • Wear minimal makeup . Everyone in genbeauty will try to demonstrate and try their products on your face , foundation , contouring , manicures , eyes makeup , lips , hair, brows ! I even got a hand massage !
  • Wear comfortable clothes but nice chic ones ! Dress to impress
  • Have a good breakfast before you come to the event
  • Have a small purse ( cross body is even better ) with the necessities only . You ll end up carrying heavy bags of makeup .
  • Don’t forget to bring : external phone charger , ear buds , water , some cash , credit card , makeup remover wipes .
  • Bring a tote bag as well to carry the stuff .
  • Get a trail mix bar and some snacks ! You may even bring sandwiches as well . You will thank me later for this.

There are food trucks outside the venue , and you will be too hungry in the middle of the day , but the wait is crazy , like 1 hour . So save the time , and bring something to eat fast , then you can enjoy your dinner in a decent place as we did !

And thats it for today! In the next post , I ll tell you about my experience at Tarte , Makeup Forever , Jouer booth and more…

Stay tuned ,

Until next time 💕💕

Breaking news 

UPDATE : The tickets at the pioneer rate are already sold out in less than 3 hours ! How crazy is that ??!

Genbeauty has announced on their website that they are coming to LA in 30_31st January ! That is three months from now !

Tickets are available to purchase through their Website .

Tickets rates are : 59$ pioneer rate and 159$ regular ticket price !

If you are close and able to go in that day , I highly recommend you to buy your tickets now ! It is an awesome experience with the biggest goodie bag ever !