Lily : the autumn flower

The lily family is one of the most-varied groups of flowers. There are Asiatic lilies, Oriental lilies, tree lilies and more! Lilies come in a range of colours including whites, yellows, oranges, pinks, reds and purples. 

White lilies symbolize chastity and virtue. Peruvian lilies represent friendship and devotion. White stargazer lilies express sympathy and pink stargazer lilies represent wealth  and prosperity.

Lilies are the most flowers associated with funerals and symbolize that the soul of the departed has received restored innocence after death.

According to the ASPCA, lilies are considered to be highly toxic to cats. While the poisonous component has not yet been identified, it is clear that with even ingestions of very small amounts of the plant, severe kidney damage could result. The Society of American Florists recommends keeping lilies out of the reach of cats. It is important to note that lilies do not pose a problem for other pets or humans.