The World’s first ever Spray_on nail polish !

The latest trend in nail polishes world is going to give you the fastest manicure in your life . Designed by British lacquer brand, Nails Inc. , the world’s first ever spray_on nail polish promises a speedy application and an even speedier dry-time !


How it works :

First put base coat , then spray the color onto your nails. You can add another layer for a glossier finish. This process should only take you about 20 seconds! ( Insane !! )

After finishing , rinse your hands with warm water .This formula is designed to stick to your nails only, making the excess slide right off your skin!


I love it a lot . I will keep an eye when it will be available in USA markets as it won’t hit the stores here until spring 2016 . Do you like this latest trend ? Share with me your thoughts

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Royal Nails

Nail polish is an important step for most women to complete their appearance .Applying nail polish beautifies nails and makes them look pretty. Also the color of the nail polish can express personality . But there is one woman who never put any color on her nails . She is Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton always goes with bare nails without any coloring even simple french manicure . Here is a group of pictures of her . What do you think of Duchess of Cambridge nails ?

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I won ! I won

This is another win from Dermstore . Two weeks ago , the  dermstore facebook page hosted a live Q&A session with Mr. Greg Solo , the co_founder of Caption Nail Polish .Honestly , this brand was completely new to me . But Mr. Greg and Dermstore answered all our questions and introduced this new polish brand in a nice way to us.
And as usual , through the session , they were choosing winners  , and I was one of these winners. The prize was 3 caption nail polish bottles ( we choose the colors from 67 shades _ many many choices ) plus one base coat and one top coat . The prize is valued 60$ !

We chose :1 – keep it simple

2- yeah what she said

3-Talk is cheap !

Here are the pictures of the nail polishes I chose .

And the top and base coat : 

The bottles look so luxurious . I have swatched the colors on my nails , and they are stunning .
More about the brand: 

Caption developed the first nail polish to ever incorporate the multi-patented LacQ3 technology and is revolutionizing the modern manicure. The triple-layer, dual polymer technology goes beyond gel, providing the high-shine and staying power of a gel manicure without the difficult removal or harmful UV rays”

You can know more about these innovative polishes by reading their FAQ page .

I really urge you to like dermstore facebook page , their page is so useful and rich in skin care information , and they host generous giveaways each week ! 

Thank you Dermstore & Caption Nail Polishes . 

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Sofy 💕💕